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Luxurious goat milk soaps and lotions to naturally soothe, nourish, and moisturize your skin

Holiday 2022 Collection

Inspired by the love and smells of the Holidays.

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Awaken the beauty within yourself

Awaken your beauty within with our tantalizing combination of eucalyptus and spearmint. Our handmade goat milk soaps are made with all natural oils, fresh goat milk, and soothing colloidal oatmeal, for a silky smooth moisturizing experience.

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  • Dry Skin?

    Did you know that commercial soaps remove the naturally occuring glycerin then add "more moisturizing" to your soap in the form of chemicals?

  • Sensitive Skin?

    Since commercial soaps are mass produced, they are loaded with preservatives and chemicals to increase the shelf life.

  • Irritating to your skin?

    Did you know that most commercial soap bars aren't really "soap"? They are detergent bars... no wonder it can cause irritation!

  • Denise K. says...

    I love, love, love these soaps and lotions! I've bought them for friends and family for Christmas and birthday gifts. The designs are beautiful and the fragrances are divine! The lotion feels great on my skin. I highly recommend Amillia Acres products.

  • Kurtis D. says...

    Amillia Acres Soaps are amazing! They work great, smell great, and look great. Leah has a passion and expresses that in a work of art that is more than just a plain bar of soap. I highly recommend these products that are natural ingredients, work amazing, and add art to any sink or shower.

  • Cecilia G. says...

    I love these soaps! They are gentle on my sensitive skin and smell fantastic! Every bar I have becomes my new favorite. I'm impressed with how long they last unlike other artisan soaps I've tried. The best thing about Amillia Acres Soaps is the love with which they're made. From tending her goats to presenting her items at market, Leah gives her heart in every step.

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