Meet our Herd

We have full size dairy goats and LOVE them so much!



Bailey is a beautiful LaMancha doe who was born in 2015.  She has been a part of our family since she was about 3 months old.  She is one of the most loving goats we have, and boy, does she love some neck rubs!  But she is also "herd queen" and she lets the others know that she is in charge.  




Cotton is a beautiful Saanen dairy goat.  She was born in 2017.  She is the largest goat we have and a great milk producer.  We got her as a baby and bottle fed her.  She is so precious.  She and her twin sister, Candy, enjoy being together.




Candy is a sweet Saanen dairy goat.  She was born in 2017.  She and her twin sister, Cotton, love to be together. 




Daffodil was born on the farm in 2019.  She is Cotton's first kid.  Daffodil was born when the daffodils were blooming!  She is half Saanen/half Toggenburg. She is the sweetest goat! She and Cocoa love to lay on each other.  When we are in the field with her, she will stick by our side!




Cocoa is a beautiful Toggenburg dairy goat.  She was born in 2019 on our farm.  She loves to be near people and has a beautiful personality.  She and Daffodil are best friends! 




BJ stands for Bailey Jr! She is Bailey's daughter.  BJ was born on the farm in 2020.  She might be small but she is mighty!  She has proven to be a great mom and milker this year!  We are so pleased to have her as part of our herd.  She is half LaMancha/half Toggenburg.

Ellie Mae:

Ellie Mae is a Toggenburg Doe.  She is Candy's daughter.  She was born on the farm in 2020.  Her and BJ have become best friends and you can usually find them sitting together.




Flash is our breeder boy, stud muffin, and baby-daddy! He came to our farm when he was a small bottle fed baby in 2017.  He is the sweetest buck we have ever had.  He is very friendly, sometimes TOO friendly, and a great addition to our herd!




These are our Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dogs.  Diesel is now 6 years old, and Nitro was born in January 2021.  They have quickly become best friends!  Diesel has a great personality and is super friendly and loving.  Nitro, also known as Pup-Pup, has a bouncy happy personality and is full of life!  They both work hard to protect the goats from predators.