About Us

Amillia Acres is located on just over 13 acres in Newton, a quaint little town nestled in the foothills of North Carolina.
At any point in time, we typically have 12-18 dairy goats, which includes does, bucks, and babies.  By hand milking our goats, we are able to give each of our girls one-on-one attention.  This milk is used to make our handmade artisan soaps and lotions.  If you've never tried handmade soaps, or goat milk soaps for that matter, you are in for a treat!

Amillia Acres got it's name in 2016, when our youngest daughter, Amillia Alice, was stillborn due to a genetic disorder. We are sad that she is not with us, but are very grateful to be able to speak her name everyday. Having the farm has been very therapeutic and rewarding for our family.
For almost 10 years, I decorated cakes... lots of tiers, color, fondant, buttercream, and royal icing to make birthday cakes, wedding cakes, and anniversary cakes. 
I wanted to find a way to use my love of decorating and color, and combine it with our farm... and that is how Amillia Acres, the soap company, was born.  We are here to design beautiful soaps that not only look pretty, but smell amazing, and are skin-loving!

Thank you for visiting my website and store. I hope that you will love goat milk soaps as much as I do!  Give them a try today!