Hi! I'm Leah!

Owner, goat milker, chief bubble maker, sales rep, and barn janitor here at Amillia Acres. I create luxury goat milk products that your skin will love!

Thanks for stopping by to check out my products! It means the world to me that you want to learn more about my story and my products.

Life can be hard, and the days may seem long. But my mission is to provide high quality skin care products that inspire you to feel confident and bring a spark of joy to your everyday life.

Before moving to North Carolina, I lived in a cute little neighborhood.  You know the kind where all of the houses sit in a perfect row, just different variations of the same floor plan.  That was my little house.  I loved that little house.  I was a single mom raising my young daughter, yet at the same time was going back to school to further my education and career.  

Then, as life happens, I met my wonderful husband and, as a new family, we moved to North Carolina.  His dream was to own a lot of land (like hundreds of acres would have pleased him) and raise farm animals.  I was a little skeptical, as I had never lived outside of a neighborhood, but I was ready and willing to go along for the ride.

Over the past decade+, since settling onto our 13 acres, we have raised chickens, turkeys, pigs, quail, ducks, Guinnea fowl, Giant Flemish rabbits, and even a few cattle along the way.  But the one animal that we fell most in love with was our goats.  

I never imagined myself as a "farmer", especially not a goat farmer, lol!  But as fate would have it, I fell in love.  My curiosity about goats soon turned into a passion. It all started with a sweet little 4 day old boy goat that my husband brought home in the spring of 2015.  His name was Buttercup (yes, I love The Princess Bride!).   Bottle feeding that baby goat was such a joy!

In 2016, after losing our baby girl, Amillia Alice, to a rare genetic condition, I turned my focus to the farm even more.  Even though I was experiencing overwhelming grief, I turned toward loving and caring for our goats with more passion.  I looked for the beauty in the world around me.  It was then that we would name our farm... Amillia Acres.

Later in 2016, I started making goat milk soaps. But as I learned more about this amazing product, my curiosity once again turned into passion... and in 2019, I opened my business.

I am pleased to provide you with a product that is "Simply Beautiful". 

I chose this slogan because I believe that our lives should be filled with beauty... all things good, bright, and beautiful are available for us to enjoy.  Think of the most recent rainbow you saw and how excited it made you feel to find it!  Think of the beautiful flowers and leaves bursting from the dull colored winter months, ready to showcase it's beauty once again.  

My goal is that you have an opportunity to enjoy the things in life that are both beautiful and bring you joy... which, to me, would be Simply Beautiful!

Much love, Leah